Counting visitors

m3D PC sensor offers 99% accurate counting 

Prepare for the reopening of cultural establishments.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the reopening of establishments open to the public such as museums, foundations, cultural institutions, historic monuments, will be subject to new constraints. For a certain period the limitation of the number of visitors to establishments will probably be implemented.

The EDITAG Arts solution is notably composed of the first IoT sensor specially designed to count visitors: the m3D PC. 

EDITAG Arts : solution pour compter les visiteurs dans les musées.
Le m3D PC permet de contrôler la fréquentation d'une pièce ou de tout un bâtiment en temps réel.

Establish a simple, precise counting with elementary rules to respect.

The m3D PC detector is placed vertically at the visitor crossing point. The permanent image analysis allows: :

- count the number of entrances and exits (bidirectional system),

- to trigger alarms if wrong direction movements are detected,

- obtain exceptional counting accuracy> 99%.

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