The secret of a Pick-To-Light IoT solution?
5 November, 2020 by
The secret of a Pick-To-Light IoT solution?

On the international market, there are many pick-to-light solutions, sometimes also called pick-by-light or go-to-light.

As a reminder, a pick-to-light system is a logistics solution to help with order preparation (kitting). It consists of guiding the operator responsible for taking the products using a light that comes on where they are.

The existing solutions are most often wired or integrated systems (sometimes supplied with furniture.) Their flexibility is therefore quite relative and the promises of tailor-made or adaptability often impossible to keep.

To compensate for the flaws in existing systems, we have developed a completely modular solution, designed to adapt to the field but above all to variations in the missions of the operators.

EDITAG Industries pick-to-light system is flexible and modular up to the attachment systems.

Our IoT solution, wireless, allows a lightning deployment but above all an ultra flexible and fast reconfiguration of zones.

Thus, no need to adapt the furniture or replace the existing one, IoT Pick-To-Light sensors can be placed on shelves, on boxes, on trolleys, on pallets and even on boxes thanks to the different repositionable and robust attachment systems.

Interfaced with existing information systems such as MES or ERP, the solution is dynamic and permanently connects the field to IT.

The modularity of the system is enhanced by optional functions.

In particular, it is possible to add Put-to-light functions for distribution missions and lean functions like the andon, to alert in real time in the event of an anomaly or need for replenishment.

The "pick" and "put" operation can work in parallel.Example: the operator prepares his kit thanks to the pick-to-light and knows where to place it next thanks to the put-to-light.

There are plenty of possible use cases. The goal ? Become part of the reality on the ground and facilitate the work of operators.

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kitting - preparation order

Optimizing the order preparation process with light was already a brilliant idea, adding digitizing for parallel activities with a wireless solution is even better!

The secret of a Pick-To-Light IoT solution?
5 November, 2020
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