Preserve, Magnify, Secure your works of art
23 March, 2021 by

Thursday April 8 at 11 a.m.

Meet 4 experts during an online presentation session.

EDITAG Arts, ITE Ingénierie, La Réserve - Gestion des Collections, Le Mouton à 5 Pattes, will present the latest innovations to preserve, enhance and secure works of art in residential, yachts and hotels.


Retrouvez 4 experts lors d'un webinaire de présentation des dernières innovations pour préserver, magnifier et sécuriser les oeuvres d'art.
Bernard GREINER assurera la présentation d'EDITAG Arts lors du webinaire du 8 avril 2021.


French designer, manufacturer, EDITAG provides the only IoT solution to connect works of art both for identification, traceability, security, whether stored, exhibited or transported: EDITAG Arts.

Speaker: Bernard GREINER - Sales Director of EDITAGMail: bernard.greiner@editag.com

David LEROY assurera la présentation d'ITE Ingénierie lors du webinaire du 8 avril 2021.

ITE Ingénierie

A true engineering study office, we design, integrate and maintain home automation solutions and automated systems from the biggest brands, particularly in the most demanding fields such as yachting, residential and hospitality. luxury.

Speaker: David LEROY - Founder and CEO ofITE Ingénierie
Mail : david.leroy@iteingenierie.com

Marion MENARDY assurera la présentation de La Réserve, lors du webinaire du 8 avril 2021.

La Réserve - Gestion des Collections

La Réserve - Gestion de Collections provides scientific and technical conservation services for private and public heritage.

Preventive conservation studies, management of works, restoration projects, preventive maintenance, condition reports are the daily activities of the team.

Speaker: Marion MENARDY
Mail: Contact@lareserve-gdc.com

Jean FLEURY assurera la présentation du mouton à 5 pattes  lors du webinaire du 8 avril 2021.

Le Moutin à 5 pattes

LM5P - Le Mouton à 5 Pattes is your dedicated partner for highlighting your projects in all business sectors: Tertiary, Heritage, Hotel, or Private projects ...

On request or as part of specific projects, we also carry out your personalized lighting study, advice and monitoring of the realization of your project.
Speaker: Jean FLEURY - Managing Director
Mail: fleury.jean@lm5p.fr

23 March, 2021
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