IoT in museums
Connect objects for enhanced security
13 November, 2020 by
IoT in museums

At EDITAG, we always talk about connected objects or IoT - Internet of Things - for cultural establishments. In concrete terms, how does that work ?

Technological innovation at the service of heritage

IoT solutions are not only dedicated to areas such as health, energy or industry. Art and luxury can also benefit from the benefits provided by these innovative solutions.

The goal of a connected object solution is to be able to send information automatically 24 hours a day. This provides visibility into the processes and therefore allows them to be improved.

What about museums?

In this case, the idea is to connect the works of art so that they can send their information. We therefore place an IoT sensor, called mOOnTAG, on the work that we want to connect.This all-in-one sensor can measure changes in motion, shock, vibration, temperature and humidity.Thus, the work sends an alert in the event of an attempted theft, vandalism or dangerous weather conditions for its good conservation! 

To receive these alerts, several possibilities: a simple local sound alarm, a message on a guard's pager, an email alert ...

We can also connect the work of art with the same sensor for a completely different purpose: to communicate with visitors.Indeed, the mOOnTAG then sends the information of the work (name, artist, video content, music, etc.) directly to the visitor's smartphone via the museum application.

The mOOnTAG has been designed to perform several functions at the same time and thus allow an investment economy for cultural establishments.

Other sensors exist in the range to ensure the safety of 3D works, monumental, under window ... For each scenography, its IoT solution!

EDITAG Arts: IoT solution for cultural establishments

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IoT in museums
13 November, 2020
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